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Why Should Every Company Have a Chatbot Soon?

The Situation That Made Me Think… One day my girlfriend and I were walking inside a mall, one of the biggest ones in my city. We were looking for a specific shop, but neither she nor I knew where it was exactly. That mall is really big, trust me, walking along and searching the shop “manually”

Bot + Human Hybrid: The New Era of Customer Support

Customer support is an immensely valuable aspect of modern day businesses. In this era of highly competitive markets, businesses are shifting towards a consumer-first trend. Hence, agile and efficient customer support becomes the need of the hour for businesses. Companies are seeking new technologies to empower their customer support to reduce customer fall outs and

The CES Blackout and Africa’s Lessons on Leapfrogging

There was blackout yesterday during the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) event. CES is the global preeminent ecosystem for showcasing the latest advances in consumer technologies and products. For two hours around 12 noon local time, lights went off. Just like that, displays from Samsung, LG and Sony had no juice and “displayed” nothing. The AI

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