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16 weeks of Bot Building

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Hone your bot building skills, get coached by industry experts & earn €5,000 whilst you do it.

Our challenge to bot builders; design, develop, and market the best bots you can that utilise the Hu:toma API.

There will be hurdles to jump along the way, which is why we’ve scouted the bot community and brought together some of the smartest, most experienced minds to coach & provide feedback to our teams.

Over a period of 16 weeks, that’s right someone will be getting a rather large christmas present, competition entrants will have six categories of bots to compete in building.

Category deadlines are spaced every two weeks, with the six category winners and six wildcards making it to the final round.

These categories are closely aligned with Amir Shevat’s book “Designing Bots”.

  • Customer Service+ FAQ
  • Productivity & Coaching
  • Food
  • Games & Entertainment
  • Bot < > Human Routers
  • Conversational Commerce

Meet the Judges

Our judging panel has experience from all aspects of the bot building process. From designing conversational flows, script writing, process mapping, UX research, prototyping, creating back-end logic, using NLP platforms through to analysing conversations & their users We’ve sought some of the best have a team of bot building experts, with experience in all aspects of the bot process.

Full judge bio’s can be seen on the competition landing page.


We’ve pulled together a prize pool that is aligned to helping you succeed, we’ve got you covered with design tools, analytics, marketing credits and coaching. There’s a pretty large cash incentive too!

All participants

  • Unlimited API calls on Hu:toma AI until end of 2017
  • Monetize your bot on the Hu:toma AI Bot Store
  • Discounted Access to Botsociety Pro Plan
  • Free Access to Botanalytics Segmentation & Funnel tools allowing bot builders to track specific user categories through their bot’s goals and measure completion rates.

Category Winners

  • €400 cash + €100 Facebook Ad Credit to help you grow your bot
  • Guaranteed access to the Final round
  • Ongoing coaching and support to iterate throughout the comp
  • Lifetime Access to Botanalytics Assistant — a machine learning powered virtual assistant that sends weekly actionable insights to bot builders helping them to improve onboarding, conversational flows, NLP accuracy and find bottlenecks.
  • UX Review with members of the Facebook Messenger team
  • Product Design session with Greg Leuch, Head of Product at Poncho – the worlds’ favourite weathercat and arguably one best known bots on Messenger & Slack. Before Poncho, he designed & built engaging products at Betaworks, BuzzFeed, Know Your Meme, and many others companies.

Overall Winners

The six category winners & six wildcard entries that improve and perform best over the 16 weeks are competing for a HUGE grand prize.

– €5,000 cash

  • Coaching Session with Amir Shevat, Director of Developer Relations at Slack. One of the largest proponents of Bots since way before thew were cool, Amir has now literally written the book on Bots, with the publication of the O’Reilly “Designing Bots” book.

Prior to Slack, Amir was global Startup Outreach lead in Google Play and led scalable programs in Developer Relations and Google Campus TLV. Amir has also founded several startups.

  • Coaching Session with Alexandre Croiseaux, who is leading Facebook & Messenger Platform partnerships in Europe, helping startups and corporations to build better products using the Facebook tools. Recently he lead Messenger’s own Bot competition in EMEA.

He previously was the Chief Product Officer at, and the VP of Product at Deezer, the music streaming service. He’s a Product lover and developer at heart, he’s passionate about creating innovative digital products.

All that said, sessions with Amir & Alexandre, experts at both Slack & Messenger are potentially worth far more than the €5,000 in cash!

Support ?

In addition to the coaching sessions, competition participants have access to a wealth of guides, experience and best practices in the Bot Designers, Developers & Marketers Facebook community as well as office hours with me and the Hu:toma team throughout.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Pull together a team and start building!

Get started here

In addition to the coaching sessions, competition participants have access to a wealth of guides, experience and best practices in the Bot Designers, Developers & Marketers Facebook community

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Source: Chatbots Magazine

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