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Build a Facebook Messenger Chatbot in Laravel with BotMan Studio 2.0

BotMan is a PHP chatbot framework that lets us quickly set up a Facebook Messenger chatbot. We will use the latest BotMan Studio version to create this chatbot together, step by step. Before we start, make sure to have these things prepared: PHP7+ environment ngrok or Laravel Valet to get a public URL to your

The Call to Mission

I was in Kos Island, Greece. It is about an hour flight from Athens. On road, it is about 16 hours. Driving out of Athens, there is a signpost pointing to Thessaloniki. The first time I saw that was magical. That was a city Apostle Paul had written in the Bible. In Kos, the hotel

10+ Investment Opportunities That Will Make You Rich In Nigeria Or Africa

10+ Investment Opportunities In Nigeria Or Africa | Image Source: Pexels Africa, especially Nigeria, is widely touted as a land of opportunities and immense wealth, and this isn’t far from the truth. But one of the key problems hindering its growth and improvement in the standard of living has been people’s inabilities to identify the

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