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5 Ways You Can Use Chat Bots To Retain And Regain Customers

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It is a rare moment when it becomes clear that a technological revolution is upon us, and certainly one may not be wrong to believe that we are in the midst of such a transition. We don’t actually realize it, but bots are all around us, albeit in different forms. For instance, the popular Siri which amazes iPhone users, has been developed to be as intelligent as never before, or even an automatically person named Amy Ingram over email.

Bots have the potential to save us time, hassle, and tedium by easing various tasks in different ways. This article shall focus on five such different ways which may help to retain and regain customers.

Gain Customer Insight

One of the most powerful abilities a Chatbot has, is its ability to gather insight and other information about your customers. Depending on a particular program used by a business, you may be able to program your chatbot to log key data points and track your customers’ purchasing patterns, analyze their habits, as well as manage a database of basic customer details.

These insights may be particularly valuable for food and clothing retailers. By monitoring your customers’ patterns, you can discover which products or services they prefer and hence, inventory can be managed accordingly.

Another benefit is that a chatbot can store information on the types of questions being asked to customers. This leads to the business being better equipped to answer future questions and upsell additional products through various tactics to increase sales funnel like providing them with deals and coupon codes.

The 1–800-Flowers chatbot is designed primarily for selling, making it super easy to order flowers through Messenger, a subsidiary of Facebook. The bot asks for the recipient’s name, phone number and delivery address. This information can be saved for future orders by the bot until the customer orders again in the future. So this way a customer who places an order may come back, and if they do, the bot will not have to ask for all the details once again.

Answer Customer Queries

One of the simplest way small businesses can deploy a chatbot is in the form of a first point of contact for answering customer queries. Essentially, if you operate within an industry that involves a lot of jargon or legal mumbo-jumbo, chances are that you may get a lot of phone calls regarding some basic questions.

Loading up a chatbot with all of your most frequently asked questions in this case, would be a brilliant idea. It is true that nothing can replace the value of one-on-one customer service but that is no reason to shy away from injecting a bit of artificial intelligence into your overall marketing mix.

This way may particularly be helpful if you are an international business. As chatbots help you to build an effective customer care program that is in place 24/7, this can be an ideal tool for such a vast, global entities.

One practical example of putting chatbot to effective use is Nina, a new release from Swedbank. With Nina, agents can now spend their time on other types of calls instead, which increases value of the bank. This can help businesses retain their existing customers by getting their queries answered right on time. Some predict that bots are the new way to go. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently said “People-to-people conversations, people to digital assistants, people-to-bots, that’s the world you are going to see in the years to come.”

Deliver Personalized Content Experiences

Some businesses use chatbots to focus solely on content; these bots serve as an extension of their content marketing strategy. They work by providing customers relevant content, specific to their needs. This is an ingenious way to generate more traffic from various social media without it feeling forced or too much like spam.

By asking questions like ‘What do you have in mind?’ these bots not only provide customers a ton of value but also simultaneously market customized content to the audience. Eventually, these chatbots may be an excellent resource to nurture relationships and provide immediate value to customers who may not have had a similar experience earlier with the business. For Example the Whole Foods chatbot on facebook is geared toward help finding users new recipes.

Cultivate Connections via Entertainment

If a business wants to build healthy relationships with their customers they can consider designing their chatbot simply to entertain them. However, it goes unsaid that this approach should fit your brand. Users can opt to receive future messages from you (the chatbot), and you can send fun facts, games and content purely to entertain them.

This method may particularly work well for companies which develop chat apps offering audio, Video-calling and texting features. Some of the prominent ones like Kik, Tango, Ebuddy and Line use Weather, Games, Horoscope and Dating bots along with many other, which are freely available inside these apps and which keep consumers constantly engaged. Moreover, a popular Trivia bot is Trivia Blast which is available on Messenger.

With chat apps like Whatsapp which have been around for quite some time other apps may not stand a great chance of being successful in the digital market. However, these bots, such as Horoscope, Fun Fact bots, GK etc. may provide useful value to users who not only seek to interact with their friends or family but also want a little bit of fun in their lives. Therefore, these bots can help regain a lost customer who may have switched to another chatting app initially.

Make Payments Easier

In the year 2015 rising social media star Snapchat introduced SnapCash. The tool is essentially a virtual wallet that stores users’ credit card details, and allows individuals to send money off to friends or brands with a simple message. Embracing tools like SnapCash could drastically improve online sales amongst younger demographics.

Similarly, other businesses should also make it easier for customers to make payments through using their chatbot as a payment tool so that, if a customer needs to make a payment, chatbot can handle the transaction for you. It only takes a few clicks once it is set up. This way can be extremely to boost sales with the use of chatbots. Therefore, chatbots can be extremely useful to a business which either needs to retain their already loyal customers or regain the old folks which turned away from them earlier.

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