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Attend Business of Bots 2017

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Learn about bot technology from top brands like Facebook, Slack, Amazon Alexa, and Google at Business of Bots.

Have you ever wondered where artificial intelligence powered bots fit into your business strategy? Ever wanted to get beyond the hype of chatbots and understand the real value they provide?

You’re not alone. Many marketing teams, brand strategists, and company executives want to embrace the powerful abilities of bot technology, but they simply don’t know where to begin.

That’s where Business of Bots comes in. Business of Bots is a premier AI and chatbot event which helps you utilize technology to drive drive results in brand strategy, customer service, and user experience.

Here are six reasons why you should consider attending the 2017 Business of Bots conference:

Reason #1 — Learn From In-Depth, Industry Case Studies, Not Sales Pitches

Each of our hand picked speakers has real world experience in utilising Bots to deliver value to their organisation in Sales, Branding, Marketing, Customer Service or Lead Generation.

Reason #2 — Understand Where Bots Will Fit In Your Organization’s Strategy

Learn how bots are changing the way we communicate with our customers, and why they will revolutionize the way we all will do business.

Reason #3 — Learn How to Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Bot

Listen to real life use cases, actual metrics, analytics, ROI and KPI based case studies and gain a complete understanding of the actual value of bots in your organization.

Reason #4 — Seperate The Chatbot Hype From the AI Reality

Get first hand insights from top brands who have “been there, done that” with chatbots and separate real business results from all the marketing hype.

Reason #5 — Utilize AI Bots To Add Real Value To Your Organization

Find out how Bots have been used to drive real life results in customer onboarding, build brand awareness, slash costs and add to your bottom line.

Reason #6 — Gain Hands On Experience & Learn From Industry Experts

Take part in a wide range of workshops covering all aspects of Bots including Building a Business Case, Chatbot Design, Copywriting, Developing Personas and more.

There you have it — six very convincing reasons to attend Business of Bots. Book your spot now and save 20% using code Octane20.

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Source: Chatbots Magazine

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