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Awesome CRM ChatOps with Hubspot, YellowAnt, and Slack!

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Hubspot is one of the most admired and rapidly growing Sales and CRM platform — it has an amazing user base, a well-polished product and great team and culture. We at YellowAnt also use Hubspot for CRM and thought it would be awesome to be able to interface with our Hubspot account from Slack, where all customer, sales and marketing related conversations take place every day. We are happy to announce that we have finally shipped our YellowAnt Hubspot integration that lets you fetch data from Hubspot right from within your Slack channels and also create some powerful cross-application workflows. Check out the Hubspot Slack YellowAnt video below to get a feel of how powerful bringing Hubspot into Slack conversations can be!

The Basics

Login to YellowAnt with your Slack account and navigate to the YellowAnt marketplace. Once there, search for Hubspot and integrate your Hubspot account with YellowAnt.

Hubspot on YellowAnt marketplace

Go back to Slack and YellowAnt will send you a message saying that your Hubspot has been successfully integrated.

To list the available commands with Hubspot, simply go the @yellowant bot DM and type “hubspot”

YellowAnt will list all available commands with Hubspot.

What can I do with YellowAnt from Slack?

You can do stuff like:

  1. Search for contacts
  2. Get a contact with email address
  3. List all deals
  4. List deals associated with a contact or company
  5. Add notes and tasks to contacts, deals and companies
  6. List all engagements associated with a contact, company or deal


  1. New Contact added
  2. New Company added
  3. New Deal added
  4. Deal state changed

To execute a Hubspot command,

  1. Type in @yellowant bot — hubspot
  2. This will list all the commands
  3. Search for your command and click on “Run this command”
  4. YellowAnt will prompt with a dialog box with inputs needed for the command
  5. Enter your inputs and click on “Execute
  6. YellowAnt will execute your command

Searching for contacts

Navigate to Hubspot commands and click on “run this command” under “Search contacts”

Enter search query

YellowAnt fetches contact details

Contact drill-down — fetching company and deals associated

Get contact details

Get company details

Get associated engagements like Tasks, emails, notes etc.

Get deals and deal details

Add Notes and Tasks to deals, companies and contacts

Adding notes

Adding Tasks


New contact notification

New contact notification

New deal

New Deal notification

Powerful Workflows and Automations with Hubspot and JIRA/Asana etc.

Command workflow — creating custom commands with custom inputs that triggers a chain of actions across Hubspot and JIRA. In this example, we will create a custom command that takes a contact email address, gets the contact data from Hubspot and uses that data to create a follow up task on JIRA. This command is called hubspot2jira and we will add it to a collection called “workflows”

Step 1: Define custom command and inputs(email)

Step 2: Fetch Hubspot contact details using input(email)

Step 3: Construct JIRA ticket/Story from Hubspot contact data

Call custom command from Slack Channel or @yellowant DM

Invoke your custom command and Execute

Enter inputs and execute

YellowAnt creates a JIRA ticket from a Hubspot contact!

Event Workflows

Event workflows are workflows triggered by a background event. Using the same example as above, we can create an event workflow that automatically creates a JIRA ticket(follow up with de) whenever a New Deal is added.

Step 1: Select Event Workflow

Step 2: Select Deal created notification as the trigger

Create an action with JIRA — create an issue

Create JIRA issue details with Hubspot data

Click on Save

YellowAnt will now automatically create a JIRA Ticket whenever a new deal is created!

The possibilities of automating Hubspot with YellowAnt are endless. Hope this blog was helpful — feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or visit our documentation page here or join our community here!

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magnoliaAwesome CRM ChatOps with Hubspot, YellowAnt, and Slack!

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