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Compare your Star Wars VIII theories to others in a Chatbot

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The Last Jedi is rapidly approaching, and the fans can’t stop thinking about possible outcomes and theories about the next episode. Okay, let’s be honest, I’m also involved, and I am really curious about what will be happening in the next movie and how the saga will continue. That’s why we’ve built the following chatbot:

Curiosity led us to make this

There are plenty of theories, but what I am really curious about is what others are thinking about them. For example, how many people believe in theory A and how many in theory B. I am basically a very data-driven-minded guy. And I am curious about this, because

I’d like to investigate whether there will be a correlation of the expectations of the majority and the real outcomes in the movie.


We’ve created a chatbot for fun before, we named it Kylo Ren. Let’s say it’s the chatbot cosplay of his character. The chatbot itself is very simple, it has a linear flow inside. You are able to decide and customize a few things, for instance you can choose your side and your title of course. However, the essence of the bot won’t change with your decisions.

Core feature of the chatbot

We wanted to test data sending and recieving features in this scenario. So in the chatbot’s flow the main point is that Kylo asks you three questions. Each of the three questions are about one of the main theories of Episode VIII. The chatbot simply asks your opinion about each theories.

After it told you some information, you can answer, and you will get to see the statistics about what others are thinking about that theory.

You tell your own, individual opinion, and you’ll see the statistics of the global, summarized opinion

In the backend we instantly send the answers as parameters to our database. In our system, we summarize the data, and the bot user can see how many percent of the people think the same, and how many think the other opportunities may come true in the movie.

At the moment, the stats what we send back are not dynamic, but as we have a critical mass in the terms of user number, we’ll immediately make it dynamic. It’ll be more fun, to see the changes in real time. So try it now and help to make a decent amount of opinions! 😎

You can try the bot here

Tap on the link:

magnoliaCompare your Star Wars VIII theories to others in a Chatbot

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