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Creating an Alexa Skill with in 5 minutes

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Creating Alexa skills is easy with In this article you will learn the steps needed to integrate Alexa with and deploy the skill.

The interface

What you will need:

Creating the Skill

For this article we will create a new project to hook up to Alexa, but you can of course follow these steps for any project you have. So, let’s dig right in! Create a new project and call it ‘Weather Report’. Make sure the name you choose is unique and you don’t already have an Alexa skill with that name.

Press the +, create a new project and press ‘save’.

Now, we’re going to add some prebuilt content. For this case we’re going to work with a skill that tells you the weather in the city you provide. Go to the Design app and add a new template. Choose ‘Weather’.

Select the Weather Template and press ‘add

Great! We now we have a working skill. In order to test it, click Try it out on the top of the screen. You now see a chat interface that lets you type inputs and shows you what the skill is doing.

Now that we have a working skill, we are going to put it on Amazon Alexa. Note that you can publish the same skill to Google Home, Facebook Messenger, your own website or another channel with

Setting up Alexa

Go to Channels and press the + button. Add the Alexa channel. You should now see an Amazon login button. Click it to log in to you Amazon developer account and click create skill and then save .

We are now done with setting up Next, Now click view skill. This will bring you to your Flow skill on Amazon. You can see that a lot of configuration information has been filled out for you.

If you want to change the way people call your skill, click Invocation Name in the top right. So if your Invocation Name is ‘weather report’, saying “Alexa ask weather report…” would activate the skill. Make sure the Invocation Name follows Amazon’s guidelines. Once you’re done, hit Save Model.

You are now ready to test the integration! Click Test to go to the Amazon Echo simulator. Make sure the slider you see on top is set to `Test is enabled for this skill`. You can now type or say anything you want to say to Alexa. You can also check the platform by going to the Chat app. You should also see the conversation there.

Testing the skill in the Alexa Simulator

Seeing the conversations on the side

Once you are sure the skill works, you can click launch and under availability you can click Beta Test . Here you can add email adresses to send the beta invite out to.

Inviting beta testers

Beta invitees will find the skill under DEV skills in their Alexa app or on Once you have added the skill to your Amazon Echo, you can test it by saying to your Amazon Echo: “Alexa ask Weather Report what is the weather in Toronto”.

Once your skill is thoroughly tested, you can fill out all the required information about the skill and submit it for review to Amazon. And that is all there is to it!

So now that you know how to create Alexa skills with, it’s time to create your own voice apps! If you want to go further, as your next steps you could check out the documentation and videos to get more acquainted with the platform.

If you want to know how to create your own version of the Weather Report bot, check the video below!

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magnoliaCreating an Alexa Skill with in 5 minutes

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