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Developing Chat Games

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Messaging apps have become a new platform for game developers. Facebook Messenger is leading the way with it’s Instant Games offering, and many other chat apps have their own game or game-bot APIs available for developers to plug into. What is the status of this platform and where is it going?

Best & Bester is an instant game at Facebook Messenger, currently soft launched in selected countries.

Messaging applications have become the biggest social media format — toppling the more traditional social networks with the size of their user bases. Chat apps are also about more than just chatting. WeChat has long been offering all sorts of added services on top of their chat application from ordering a taxi to shopping. However games have usually been an external offering that is only advertised and linked from the chat app, but actually played in a separate downloadable game application.

Platforms like Facebook’s Instant Games are changing this. They allow players to play games directly from the platform without installing a separate app for the game. In addition to easy discovery it provides easy and quick access to the games. The games will also exist in a social environment that is very different from being listed in the unconnected environment of an appstore. Below I go through some of these seemingly small but very important nuances of the chat platform.

magnoliaDeveloping Chat Games

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