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Eventline Is Like IFTTT For Chatbot Developers

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Automation, when it works correctly, is a breath of fresh air. Not only is it convenient, but it can also help save a lot of time or money.

In the consumer world, automation is often used to do trivial, repetitive or menial tasks such as turning lights on or off on a schedule or arming and disarming a security alarm.

What is IFTTT?

Thanks to services like IFTTT, consumers can take automation one step further and apply it to existing platforms, services, and apps.

For example, you could setup a “recipe” — in IFTTT terms — that auto downloads Facebook photos to a Google Drive album every time someone tags you in a new one. Google Drive can then be set to auto-sync this folder with a local one on your computer’s hard drive.

Then, you always have up-to-date photos while the recipe is active, and you never even have to do a thing. You can set it all up, enable the recipe and then forget about it.

Anytime you want to see new pictures, you can just open the local photos folder you have designated and huzzah, there they are.

It’s brilliant, and the possibilities are limitless, especially when you start looking at all the different things you can do and services you can connect with through IFTTT.

Of course, developers and programmers can make use of services like this through various “recipes” and triggers, but they aren’t exactly tailored for the development world. When building event-based applications that have you executing the same script or code every so often, you still have to type that nonsense out.

But there is something you can do to alleviate the extreme tedium. Eventline is remarkably similar to IFTTT and opens up automation frameworks to developers, except the service is specifically tailored to the coding and development world. For example, you can use it to build chatbots or scripted and event-based applications.

Introducing Eventline, an IFTTT for Developers

Eventline allows developers to build systems or rules that can be reactive to a set of events, consistently. More importantly, those systems are incredibly easy to test and understand, even before diving into the raw code. Similar to IFTTT recipes, you can see how they work at a glance and implement or disable them as you see fit.

It was born out of a collaboration between Team Sure and Bottr. In layman’s terms, it’s a micro-framework that can be used to handle the logic of your chatbot or IoT-app and services. What makes Eventline particularly special is that you can use it in conjunction with other dev frameworks such as Botpress, Botkit, and more.

What this allows you to do is evolve synchronous applications, so that they are more reactive, consistent, and realistic to users and other developers.

Eventline and Chatbots

Let’s take a closer look, considering chatbots — one of the most common uses for this tool — as a guide.

To function as necessary — meaning to satisfy customers, answer queries and questions, direct them to the appropriate information sources and carry out actions — the bots require deep learning and big data platforms. Chatbots are nothing more than a conversational bot or computer script, that is designed to match up a user’s input with pre-programmed interactions.

When you ask a chatbot to provide the current balance of an account, for example, it knows to query the user’s account and return the correct balance. That is assuming, of course, that the user has already provided their account details to the system.

The platform focuses on the “Router in the ERA” architecture. ERA stands for Event Source, Router, and Action and serves as a basis for how logic works with these systems. Furthermore, this means you can use Eventline on its own without any other frameworks if you so desire — but you can also tap into additional frameworks. It just depends on what your brand and application needs.

For chatbot developers, this is an excellent tool to simplify the scripting and coding process of your backend system. Ideally, it makes the process much faster and easier to test, allowing you to deploy in a more timely manner.

By nature, chatbots take quite a bit of time to develop, test and release. They often have to go through several Alpha or Beta phases before launching publicly, as an initial userbase is relied on to verify the accuracy and efficiency of said bot or app.

In the end, describing Eventline as an IFTTT for developers is entirely accurate and provides a useful representation of how the service can apply to you and your team.

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