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HD quality video lectures on LMS enhance student learning retention

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As young students, decades ago, many of us rarely had any access to the video for learning. The rare times a teacher would show us a video was an exceptional treat that got us excited for days on end. However, these days HD quality video lectures on LMS platforms are a common teaching tool used by teachers in blended classrooms across the world so that they can enhance the student learning retention.

Over the past few decades, the proliferation of various video devices – from television sets to computers and smartphones have introduced the concept of video learning in classrooms. Research has proven that using video on LMS is one of the most effective methods to help students in remembering key facts and figures. According to a research conducted by Forrester Research, “it can be estimated that one minute of online video is equal to approximately 1.8 million written words. Since 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text, the video is a great way to help students learn and increase their learning retention.”

Using a video learning does not only entail using films, documentaries, presentation etc. Teachers can also record their classroom lectures in a high-quality mode that is then uploaded to an online LMS platform. Using a video that is uploaded on the LMS also encourages repetitive viewing for students who are struggling to remember what was taught in class. Using the video recording of the lecture, the students can revisit the session whenever there are any doubts about the same.  This ability to pause, rewind and replay the video is one of the biggest benefits of using video in learning.

Besides effectively communication facts and figures, another advantage of learning using HD quality video on LMS is the emotional connect that students make with the information. For instance, when teaching the students about preserving the environment – using a film or a documentary helps the students get emotionally connected to the top rather than simply memorizing reams of text about the same. This emotional connection goes a long way in improving learning retention.

A video is also very demonstration friendly when teaching students. They offer a great medium to view complex mechanical procedures multiple times until the student is confident of performing the same independently.

Using video lectures, it is also easy to break geographical barriers where students from rural areas or distant locales can access the LMS lectures with the easy click of a button

Today, using HD quality videos have become an excellent way to present visual examples and enhance the learning experience, and it is only acceptable that this mode makes its ways in classrooms in schools, colleges, and other educational institutes. When using video learning on an LMS in the classroom, it has been noticed that the students get more motivated, they are more engaged and are able to relate to the classroom learning in a more effective manner. All of these factors work together to increase learning retention in the classroom.

magnoliaHD quality video lectures on LMS enhance student learning retention

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