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How Chat Bots Can Help The Online Printing Industry

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Chat bots are basically the automated programs that can act as humans to increase the efficiency, and authenticity of the interaction with the customers in this fast paced and swipe right era of digital transformation. They are capable of carrying out the mundane work quickly while using artificial intelligence and machine learning. As the matter of fact that they’re becoming well-known and important factor of our society, more tech companies have begun to invest in the development of chat bots in order to improve the user experience.

You can communicate with these chat bots in your messenger apps as that of other contacts in your list. They are capable of performing a variety of tasks. Here we’re only discussing the implementation of chat bots in the printing industry and how this can bring effective help to online printing.

Messenger Chat Bots:

Numerous chat bots are compatible with Facebook Messenger and are able to provide instantaneous ROI due to the exchange of more than 1.2 billion users continuously exchanging texts and photos. The Messenger chat bots can now conveniently turn the text files and photos into tangible products. Multiple companies are offering the opportunities to use the chat bots for immediately turning their digital material into products that can be easily shared hand in hand without leaving the Messenger. This is a seamless chat bot experience that can bring efficient help to the online text and photo print industry.

Print Bots:

Setting up a document via dealing with the typical setup of printing and navigating through numerous can be difficult and time-consuming. This is why people look for alternative ways for printing services. Along with printing of text, the photographers also need the convenient option to print out their photos. Especially, the smartphone photographers who require the instant photo product shopping experience search for such kind of service providers. The printing industry chat bots are usually launched on Messenger and provide instant services according to the reviews. They provide you the easier way to access your photo gallery or text files, quickly made edits and then print them out without any complicated process and with no human assistance intervention of course. These bots can solely be the photo printer bots, the text printer bots or the combination of both.

The Photo Print Bot:

This bot allows multiple editing options for your photos in chat and even provides you with suggestions in the choice of filters. It offers more editing options than the conventional printer and is also easy to use. It allows you to share the photos with friends and on social networks along with printing them out.

The Text Print Bot:

This bot gives you access to your text documents from your messaging app and allows you to pick which ones to print at a time. You can choose multiple files and print them in sequence. You can do this through your Wi-Fi connected printer or even the local print shop. These bots are comparatively fewer than the photo print bots, so you have to search for them in order to find the suitable one.

The Print Bot:

This kind of bot simplifies the printing method. All you have to do is to upload the photo or document and then let the bot do the remaining work by sorting out the logistics. There are some bots that not only allow you to send the print jobs to the connected home printer but also to anywhere in the world. As these print bots can print out the files and images to the printer from anywhere, you only have to send them from your contact in the messenger. Nowadays, this bot is popular among businesses for marketing material, such as flyers, business cards, and so on.

How Do Print Bots Work?

For the print bots to work, you need to have a printer that is e-Print enabled and have an e-Print email address. This address is required because the photos are sent to this email from the Messenger. You have to accept the address for the first time and after that, the attachments including the photos, documents and even messages that you send to this contact are remotely printed to your printer. Sometimes the printer supplies are also provided by the bot providers. The user interfaces are often friendly and the API of Messenger is easy to use as well. These bots relieve you from the complications of printing via phones by making it fun and interesting. One of the most well-known chat bots is HP Facebook Messenger Chatbot that is reviewed to be both convenient and efficient. The printing supplies are also provided by the company, which makes the method even easier.

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magnoliaHow Chat Bots Can Help The Online Printing Industry

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