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How school kids can benefit from eLearning platform?

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In recent times, eLearning platform has created a lot of buzz in schools and colleges. Being one of the most dynamic and interactive platforms where children can study using various learning tools, eLearning in surely gaining a lot of positive attention. Even in India, the schools are taking up eLearning system as their primary method of teaching.  It is because of the various benefits that the kids are getting from this advanced online learning platform.  The schools are installing computers in order to suffice the requirement of having an eLearning setup. In India, even the municipal schools in some states are getting a makeover with computers and other gadgets that are helping them to provide better education to the students.

While there are many benefits that the school kids can have using an eLearning platform.

Here are 8 most important benefits that will show why it is essential to have online eLearning platform: 

It accommodates the needs of young minds

In today’s world, children are quite smart in using various platforms and devices and like to learn on their own. Gone are those days when a teacher would have been the only source of knowledge for kids. With the eLearning system, the school kids can now have better access to knowledge and education. Not every kid is same and thus they require different ways of learning. Not every kid will be interested in doing the same assignment to learn a thing. The eLearning provides the kids with options that they can choose to learn on their own.

The student can view the lecture any number of times

Since the eLearning platform is based completely on the web, it becomes easier for the kids to get access to any lesson that has already been taught at school. Any kid who has missed school for some reason can view the lecture as many times as he wants to. This becomes a very big advantage for the kids to understand and study at their own pace. Now the parents do not need to worry about their kids missing lectures at school. It is all there on the eLearning platform shared by the school. This feature has surely beaten the traditional form of learning.

The kids can access updated syllabus and study materials

The eLearning system is very elaborate, comprehensive and organized. This enables both the parents and the students to understand the course structure of the subjects they have taken up. If the school makes any changes or addition to their syllabus, policies, study material, and such documents then the kids can access them once they are uploaded to the eLearning portal of the school. Not only that, they can access all content from anywhere they want. This flexibility enables the parents to keep track of their kid’s education without visiting the school regularly. It is definitely a benefit that everyone enjoys.

The school can provide better education at a lower cost

One of the biggest advantages of the online learning platform is its cost. It is very affordable for any family to afford the education of their children if they opt for eLearning. Even the municipal schools in India are going online to help provide basic education to more and more kids who come from below average income group. The private schools are also using this platform to make it cost effective for their students. The system of online learning is enabling the students to have a paperless education. This is also helping the environment. The kids can do their project, assignments, take exams and learn online on their computers.

It is a very effective system

The system of eLearning is very effective for all ages. Especially for kids, the system provides fully interactive study sessions that are not only educative but also quite a fun to learn. It makes learning easy and fun. Some of the features of eLearning that makes it very effective are:

  • It helps the kids to score high on their exams or tests
  • The percentage of passing is much higher than the traditional system. It is because of the fact and each and every student has a better grasp of the course they are studying.
  • The kids can learn in a better and practical way. Thus they have a better grip in using their knowledge practically.
  • The information is retained for a much longer time.

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Kids can use mobile apps for assignments

ELearning has taken quite a few steps ahead and now it has become possible to develop eLearning apps that can be used on smartphones. Yes, now kids are really smart and they can use a smartphone like a pro. The online education system has gone ahead to develop apps that are informative, interactive and quizzical. Kids using these apps can have fun through various quizzes and interactive curriculums. Many schools are developing apps that can be installed by the parents where they can get important notifications about the school and their kids can play and learn at the same time.

Kids learn to care for the environment

The whole concept of eLearning is online. Thus there is almost no or very little use of papers, pens, chalks or blackboards. This, in turn, helps in saving the environment to quite a big extent. One of the major reasons for deforestation is the use of huge amount of paper all over the world. The eLearning has enabled everyone to use the virtual world to educate themselves without causing any harm to nature, indirectly. 

It offers flexibility to children who require it

It has been seen a lot of children with disability cannot afford to go to school and attend classes like any regular kid. The traditional education did not provide them with any standardized option of educating themselves apart from the homeschooling. But the concept of homeschooling did not follow any specific standard of professional education. ELearning, in this case, has enabled everyone with the facility of equal education from anywhere they want.

To conclude

There are many other essential benefits that kid can benefit from the eLearning system. With the advancement in this field, kids are now having a better take on their studies than before.

magnoliaHow school kids can benefit from eLearning platform?

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