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How Solving My Own Problem Went Viral

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The Back Story

In mid-September 2016, I joined the Bots group on Facebook where everyone was talking about progress in the field of chatbots & AI. I was fascinated by chatbots and decided to give building a chatbot a try. So I started to explore new tools that can help me build a chatbot.

For me, whenever I look for a new product, Product Hunt is the first place that comes to mind. I filtered my search by “bot” and came across lots of new tools that can be useful in various stages of bot development. I created a set of collections and added tools to the appropriate one.

After that, I built my first chatbot Product Huntian and launched on Product Hunt in October. It received a great response from the community and was also featured on the homepage of Product Hunt. I wrote about my experience building a chatbot within a week in a separate story.

The Problem & Solution

During this time, I saw many people in the Bots group ask the same questions related to tools for chatbots. Some examples:

  • Which platform should I use to build a bot?
  • How do I view bot analytics?
  • What are the best frameworks available for bot development?

I realized that the Product Hunt collections I made were useful to many people to find the right products and save time. But my collections were not exhaustive. Many tools related to chatbots were not on Product Hunt. So I decided to build a directory for tools and resources for chatbots. I collected 40+ products and divided them into 13 categories.

Bot Stash — Curated directory of chatbot tools

The Launch

In November, with the help of Nikita, I was ready to launch the final MVP of Bot Stash. I asked the best hunter, Kevin William David to hunt Bot Stash on Product hunt. He posted the product between 1 am-2 am PST on a weekend. By morning, Bot Stash received an overwhelming response and crossed 100+ upvotes and ended up with the 2nd most votes of the day. It has over 500+ upvotes now.

Bot Stash — Top product of the day

During this time, a tech blog in Spain Wwwhat’s New had written a post about Bot Stash. With the Product Hunt lunch and a blog post, Twitter was flooded with tweets about Bot Stash. After a few days, a French tech media Blog du moderateur had also written an article on Bot Stash.

The launch day response

The Lesson

The launch of Bot Stash taught me that you don’t need to do anything special to find the problem you want to solve.

Just think about the smallest problem you are facing in daily life, solve it, and share the solution with others.

Fast forward to today, Bot Stash has more than 100+ tools related to chatbots and expanded to 18 categories. To help the bot community further, I also started Bot Tutorials — a place to learn about bot development and design. Both have 193k+ page views and 90k+ users combine. Bot Tutorials has also crossed 1,000 followers milestone on Medium recently.

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Source: Chatbots Magazine

magnoliaHow Solving My Own Problem Went Viral

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