How to Make Your Chatbots Communicate More Natural

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More and more companies are betting on chatbots to give customers a better experience. But how do you make sure your chatbot becomes a helpful and engaging conversation partner? Do you dive into the deep with artificial intelligence, or do you hire writers to make your chatbot helpful, natural and persuasive?

Natural language creation: the biggest challenge in the bot revolution

There’s nothing worse than bots being… well, robotic. Bad grammar, unnatural sentence and no regard or empathy for the users. It’s therefore crucial for copywriters and bots to collaborate more closely and give users a better experience.

Last year, most companies invested in technology that allows you to build chatbots. Now, everybody is looking for people to make this technology useful. Last year most companies bought hammers, now everybody is in desperate need for carpenters.

Natural language understanding, artificial intelligence, integrated chat-apps and smart speakers: the technology is ready to be used. However, feeding these bots with empathetic, helpful and persuasive dialogue is still a human skill. Companies are therefore searching for experts that know how to design conversations and write attractive copy in right tone of voice for service, sales, marketing, hr — you name it.

The job of 2018: conversational copywriter

Copywriters that understand how bots and humans should communicate are rare. They need to understand the inner workings of both the human and artificial brain.

Your conversational copywriter determines the success of your bot

As we started doing more and more projects ourselves, we soon realised how much is involved when designing proper conversations. There’s conversational copywriting, persuasive copywriting, conversation design, ux-writing and the entire development of a chatbot identity. At the end of the day, it’s about solving problems in the user experience with a conversational mindset.

Poncho is a great bot. Yet even smartest weather cat sometimes struggles.

Unfortunately, not everybody gets it right. People are too caught up in technology and don’t yet have the skills to write proper natural chatbot dialogue. They haven’t made natural language creation equally important as natural language understanding. And they should.

I have written extensively on how to write chatbot dialogue , introducing the conversational ux-copywriter and 4 steps to writing engaging chatbot dialogue. So here I want to share the news that we are launching the Robocopy Academy. Because to us, that’s really the only way to ensure we get a well equipped community of conversational copywriters. It’s the only way to make bots useful and an important part of our lives.

The Conversational Academy

If we want better chatbots, then we need better conversational copywriters. We want more of them, and we want them to be better. The only way to achieve this is by launching an academy and creating a serious environment where people can learn this new skill.

People attending the Robocopy Conversational Academy will therefore learn everything about

  • Character Development
  • Conversation design
  • Scenario writing
  • Conversational copywriting
  • Persuasive copywriting
  • UX-writing
  • Behavioural design
  • Artificial Intelligence (basics)
  • Natural Language Understanding (basics)
  • And much more…

For the academy, we’re looking for multi skilled people. You need to have empathy and a great feel for language. The typical conversational copywriter is good at pattern recognition, scrabble and writing. He or she is half poet and half analytical. And conversational copywriters obviously get excited about the relationship between humans and bots.

Out graduates write dialogue for every type of bot. From service to sales, from voice to chat. Since they fundamentally understand how chatbot technology works and how conversations are designed, they can work with every major chatbot platform.

Bots will be better

Most companies are ready to take the next step and they are searching for conversational copywriters (often called conversation designer). Our label Robocopy is already working with major corporations and we are confident that conversational copywriting is the next step in the bot revolution.

From now on, it’s not about how well your software understands language, it’s about how well you understand what your users want to achieve and how well you design conversations that make that happen.

Soon we’re starting a new academy in which we’ll train more conversational copywriters. If you’re interested and you meet the criteria, please get in touch! Signing up will be your first step towards a great new career.

Robocopy — in Bots we trust or [email protected]

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magnoliaHow to Make Your Chatbots Communicate More Natural

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