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How to Make Your First Chatbot With the Help of Game of Thrones?

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You are probably wondering what Game of Thrones franchise has to do with chatbots and A.I. Before I explain this weird connection, I need to warn you that this article may contain some serious spoilers. Continue with your reading only if you are a passionate GoT follower, who watches new episodes immediately after they come out.

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Why are chatbots so important anyway?

According to the When Will AI Exceed Human Performance? study, artificial intelligence has the capability to take over all human jobs by the year of 2060. This technology has already replaced dozens of customer service and sales job positions and helped businesses make substantial savings.

Apart from the obvious business advantages, chatbot creation can also be incredible fun. You can create an artificial personality, with a strong attitude and a unique set of traits and flaws. It is like creating a new character for your favorite TV show. That is why I decided to explain the most important elements of the chatbot creation process by using the TV characters we all know and love (hate).

Why Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones is the most popular TV Show in the world. More than 10 million viewers watched the seventh season premiere, and you have probably seen internet users fanatically discussing the series’ characters, storyline, and possible endings.

Apart from being a Chatbot Copywriter, I am also a GoT fanatic, and I will base this chatbot on one of the characters from my favorite series. But before you find out the name of my bot, you should read a few lines about incredible free tools that allow us to build chatbots without coding.

Are chatbots expensive?

Today, you can create a chatbot, even if you don’t know how to code. Most chatbot building platforms offer at least one free plan that allows you to use basic functionalities, create your bot, deploy it to Facebook Messenger, and analyze its performance. Free plans usually allow your bot to talk to a limited number of users.

Why should you personalize your bot?

Every platform will ask you to write a bot’s name before you start designing conversations. You will also be able to add the bot’s photograph and bio. Personalizing your bot is the only way to ensure that you will stick to the same personality and storyline throughout the building process. Users often see chatbots as people, and by giving your bot an identity, you will make sure that it doesn’t sound like it has a multiple personality disorder.

We have chosen the Game of Thrones as a narrative for creating our bot. The huge hype that is being built around the story of the seven kingdoms has turned the characters into full-time celebrities. People are discussing their interests, behavior, wardrobe and love life on forums and social media. We have thought that connecting our chatbot with the character from the series will help readers to understand the process of chatbot creation.

And the name of our GoT chatbot is …

Cersei. She is mean, pragmatic and fearless and she would do anything to stay on the Iron Throne. Many people would rather hang out with Daenerys or Jon Snow. These characters are honest, noble and good-hearted, which means that their actions are often predictable.

Source: Pixabay/ Public Domain

Cersei, on the other hand, is the queen of intrigues. As the meanest and the most revengeful character in the series, she has an evil plan for everybody who steps on her toes. While viewers can easily guess where Jon and Daenerys stand, there are dozens of questions they would like to ask Cersei. But before we start talking to our bot, we need to build her personality by using the most basic elements of chatbot interaction.

Choosing the bot’s name on Botsify/Author: Branislav Srdanovic

Welcome/Greeting message

The welcome message is the greeting Cersei says to every commoner who clicks on the ‘start conversation’ button. She is not a welcoming person (ask Sansa), except if you are a banker from Bravos. Her introductory message may sound something like this:

“Dear {{user_full_name}}, My name is Cersei of the House Lannister, the First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms. You can ask me questions, and I will answer them. If the question is not worth answering, I will redirect you to Ser Gregor Clegane, who will give you a step-by-step course on how to talk to the Queen of Westeros.”

Creating the Welcome message on Chatfuel/ Author: Branislav Srdanovic

Default message/answer

In the bot game, users, bots, and their creators often need to learn from failed attempts and mistakes. The default message is the text Cersei will send, whenever you ask her a question she doesn’t understand. Knowing Cersei, it would sound something like this:

“Sir Gregor, please escort {{user_full_name}} to the dungeon.“

Creating default message on Botsify/Author: Branislav Srdanovic


To avoid calling out the Mountain every time someone asks her a question, Cersei might give you a few (safe) options to choose. The best way to do this is by using a menu function. We can classify the questions people want to ask Cersei in several different categories:

· Iron Throne;

· Relationship with Jamie — ok, this isn’t a ‘safe option’, get ready to get close and personal with Sir Gregor Clegane;

· War plans;

· Euron Greyjoy;

After users choose a menu item, Cersei can give them a default response on the topic, or set up a plot that will make their lives miserable. Knowing Cersei, she will probably go for the second option.

Adding chatbot menu on Botsify/Author: Branislav Srdanovic


This feature allows us to build a longer Cersei-to-user interaction. The structure of stories and blocks is different on every chatbot platform, but most of them use keywords and phrases for finding out the users’ intention.

Keywords — where the bot recognizes the certain keyword within the user’s reply. Users who have chosen, the ‘War plans’ option, might ask Cersei, how is she planning to defeat Daenerys’s dragons. We can add ‘dragon’ and ‘dragons’ as keywords, and connect them with an answer that will sound something like this:

“Dragons are not invulnerable as you may think. Maester Qyburn is developing a weapon that will bring them down for good!”

Adding keywords on Chatfuel/Author: Branislav Srdanovic

People may also ask her about White Walkers. Do you plan to join Daenerys and Jon Snow, in a fight against White Walkers? After we add ‘White Walker’ and ‘White Walkers’ on the keyword list, Cersei will answer:

“White Walkers? Do you think the Queen of Westeros has enough free time to think about creatures from fairy tales and legends?”

Adding Keywords on Botsify/Author: Branislav Srdanovic

· Phrases — are more complex syntaxes that the bot can be trained to recognize. Many people would like to ask Cersei, is she going to marry Euron Greyhoy after the war ends? We can add ‘Euron’ as a keyword, but then we won’t be sure what answer the user is expecting. Instead, we can use the phrase: ‘(Will you) marry Euron Greyjoy (after the war?)’. Just to be sure, we should also add a few alternative phrases like ‘ (Do you plan on) marrying Euron Greyjoy (after the war),’ ‘(Will you) end up with Euron Greyjoy (after the war?)’, ‘(Will) Euron Greyjoy be the new King?’ etc. Cersei would probably answer this inquiry in her style:

“Of course not, Euron is a useful idiot. I will use his fleet and send him back to the Iron Islands, where he belongs.”

Adding phrases on Botsify/Author: Branislav Srdanovic


We have already asked Cersei several questions, and now she would like to ask us something. She can do so by using the form/user input feature. Most tools allow us to add a question and the criteria for checking the users’ answer. If the user provides us the answer that is compliant to the predefined form (like email address, phone number, or a ZIP code), the bot will identify and extract the answer. If the answer doesn’t fit into the predefined criteria, the bot will notify the user and ask him/her to try again.

If Cersei would ask you a question, she would probably want to know your address, so she can send her guards to fill your basement with the barrels of wildfire.

Creating forms on Botsify/Author: Branislav Srdanovic


If you have problems with building your first chatbot, templates can help you to create the basic conversation structure. Unfortunately, not all platforms offer this feature for free. Snatchbot currently has the most comprehensive list of free templates. There you can choose a prebuilt layout. The template selection ranges from simple FAQ bots to ones created for a specific industry, like banking, airline, healthcare or e-commerce.

Choosing templates on Snatchbot/ Author: Branislav Srdanovic


Most tools also provide plugins that can be used for making the conversations more meaningful. These plugins allow Cersei to send images, audio and video files. She can unleash her creativity and make you suffer by sending you her favorite GoT execution videos.

With the help of integrations, Cersei can talk to you on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, Slack and on many other communication apps. She can also sell her fan gear and ask you for donations, by integrating in-bot payments from PayPal accounts. Her sales pitch will probably sound something like this:

“Gold wins wars! Would you rather invest your funds in a member of the respected family, who always pays her debts, or in the chaotic war endeavor of a crazy revolutionary, whose strength lies in three flying lizards? If your pockets are full of gold, you are already on my side. Now you can complete your checkout on PayPal. ”

Today, chatbot building is easier than ever, and even the small businesses are starting to use the incredible benefits of artificial intelligence. If you still don’t believe that chatbots can replace customer service representatives, I suggest you to try to develop a bot, based on your favorite TV show, movie or book character and talk with him/her for a while. This way, you will be able to understand the concept that stands behind this amazing technology and use it to improve your business operation. Now I am off to talk to Cersei. Maybe she will feed me with some eight season spoilers.

How to Make Your First Chatbot With the Help of Game of Thrones? was originally published in Chatbots Magazine on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Source: Chatbots Magazine

magnoliaHow to Make Your First Chatbot With the Help of Game of Thrones?

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