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How to manage assessment and quizzes online hassle free?

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With the eLearning industry having a boom in recent years it is needless to say that the platforms of eLearning have made it possible for the schools, universities, and professors to have a better take on the education system. ELearning has simplified the system of imparting education and has also simplified the system of the assessment of students. Assessment is an integral part of education. Without a test, it is not possible for any institute to understand how much the students have learned. However, the basic concept of eLearning is to keep the students free from any stress. So how can you manage the assessment and quizzes on the eLearning platform hassle free and stress-free? Read on to know…

The importance of assessment 

Regular assessment of students is very important as it helps both the students and the teachers to understand how the students have learned and what the areas are, that need to be taken care of. Undoubtedly there are many benefits of assessments and tests. Assessments make a student confident and responsible for his or her learning abilities.  Thus, a coursework or test is always welcome when it is about understanding a student’s ability to learn what is taught.

Assessment with eLearning

In most of the cases, exams come with a huge amount of mental pressure, anxiety to do well and nervousness that actually negates the chances of performing to the highest for many students. With eLearning platforms, things have changed drastically making assessments an interesting part of the study programs.

In an eLearning platform with the help of a learning management system tests can be quite a hassle-free task since the corrections are done by the automated tools of the LMS. The testing system is unique as the students are evaluated on their regular coursework and through quizzes which are quite interesting to participate. The LMS comes equipped with various tools that will grade a student’s test depending on his subject and level.

For the long answers or the essay type answers, the LMS uses keywords to evaluate the answers automatically. While it may not be the best way to evaluate a student’s performance but it definitely helps a student and the teachers to get quicker results. Since the grading is done instantly, the students are provided with feedback once they complete their tests. Grading can be quite a tedious job for the teachers and that may delay the progress of a student.

Wrapping up…

One of the best things about the assessment process of a Learning Management System is that it is environment-friendly. No paper or hard copies of reports and mark sheets are given out to the students. Rather the students can log into their console and get a full report on the assessment and quizzes they have taken. The tests are generally taken in MCQ format that gives the student to choose the right answer. Some of the LMS systems may also provide a hint to the student if he or she is about to choose the wrong answer. This only helps in self-evaluation and progress. With LMS assessments are not to be afraid of. Rather it should be enjoyed!

magnoliaHow to manage assessment and quizzes online hassle free?

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