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How to Prepare Your Team for the Impact of AI in the Workplace

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Many existing software are riding the wave of AI integration by adding machine learning and AI capabilities to their products. By 2020, Gartner, an IT research firm, predicts that every new software product will launch with AI-powered capabilities.

With the growing popularity of AI and AI-powered products, some organizations have started integrating it in their workplace to automate their tasks and work ‘smarter’. As a lot of interests and investments go towards the AI industry, more and more organizations would soon choose to integrate AI in their daily operations and this change may be inevitable.

Whether you are one of those people already using AI or just thinking about integrating any AI-powered products in your workplace, there are a lot of factors to put into perspective. Probably one of the most important is how your team would react and handle the transition from working without AI to having a machine-powered team member to automate mundane tasks.

Here are some ways that will prepare your team for AI integration:

Consider redefining your roles

As AI automates some of your tedious tasks, others may think that AI is slowly taking over their job but if you look at it closely, AI is actually helping them deliver a better value to their team. Being the project manager, you can now focus on more important tasks which you may have neglected in the past due to time constraints such as decision making, strategizing a better process or motivating the team. With in-depth focus on individual competencies, you know the strengths of your team members so you can define their roles and determine their workload capabilities so you can efficiently assign tasks that your team can realistically deliver.

· Focus on employee development as much as AI integration.

Don’t let the AI hype overshadow the importance of your team. The secret to an effective AI integration is making your team feel confident of their skills and that they are greatly appreciated for the value they deliver to the company. Conducting training and seminars prior the implementation of AI is the best way to set proper expectations on what each team member should achieve and look forward to in their work. It may take some time for the AI to get fully embraced by the whole team but you need to encourage your team to adjust and further develop their skills, adapting to new work processes with AI-enabled tools.

· Encourage collaboration between humans and machines

Foster an efficient work dynamics where your team can optimize their performance using AI-powered tools. Put more emphasis on developing your team’s flexibility and how well they could adapt to new technologies to gain competitive advantage. With some of the tedious tasks already offloaded to AI, your team could provide more input which can be analyzed by the AI and you can create new metrics to further scale your project and discover new strategies to better manage work or find a shorter path to achieve project objectives. A smart collaboration between humans and machine could simplify work and lead to better productive results.

We cannot control the rapid popularity of AI-powered tools and where it will lead us. All we can do is prepare ourselves and our team by continuously educating ourselves of the benefits of AI and how it can greatly decrease our workload, reduce burnout and save us hours spent on less significant tasks through automation. We must also be the judge to know which information are just short-lived hype or close to impossible so we don’t stress out ourselves over the possibility of AI domination and losing our jobs over to robots, chatbots and stuff.

Working With AI To Get Things Done

KnightSpear is an AI-powered project management system that has integrated Isabella, an AI work coach, to automate task monitoring and deadline reminders. With her machine learning capabilities, Isabella can help you analyze your team’s performance data and work patterns in order to provide useful insights so you can make smarter decisions and faster actions on your project.

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magnoliaHow to Prepare Your Team for the Impact of AI in the Workplace

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