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How We Got More Than 150,000 Subscribers to Our Bots in 4 Months

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Getting so many members is easy, if you know your business’s strengths.

First rule: know your business’s strengths

Olyo is currently used by several companies, but first of all it is used within the company that create it: Goodie Web Group. The need to use this platform internally is one of Olyo’s strengths: much of what is added, modified or eliminated comes from the feedback from users who use the platform, whether internal to the Goodie Web Group or external. Goodie Web Group is having really good results, so we decided to tell how we got hundreds of thousands of subscribers using a simple embed button.

One of the main doubt that people face when approach the Messenger Bot world is: how can I get subscribers? Indeed, Facebook doesn’t give the possibility to import a list of emails as it happens for email marketing services. The idea of ​​having to start from scratch to create your own database of users can be daunting, but following some suggestions it will not be difficult to find the best way to populate your list of subscribers.

After this initial shock, however, we should change our approach and begin to ask ourselves reflective questions such as “What are the strengths of my online business? Where do my users come from? In which part of my funnel can I intercept users and have them enrolled in my bot?”. In fact, there is no strategy that can be applied indiscriminately to all business scenarios. But certainly you can take inspiration from the strategies of others who, perhaps, you will have a brainwave.

These are exactly the questions we asked ourselves in Goodie Web Group to understand how to intercept users and have them enrolled in our bots. We have therefore focused on our different sites (we are present in 5 European countries), which every year are visited by millions of people. Also the forms to fill out are very important for our business and we use them daily, so we’ve studied in which step include the bot registration request.

A single button can make the difference

Since our sites are visited by hundreds of thousands of users every month, our first goal was to intercept our visitors. We have therefore created a popup and put it on the Homepage. Our request is very simple: we ask users if they want to receive our updates via Messenger. To allow the connection with the bot we inserted the embed button provided by Olyo. Once you click on “Send to Messenger” the popup disappears leaving the user free to browse the site. At the same time, the user receives the welcome message on Messenger.

This is our popup message

As a second step, we decided to include the possibility to subscribe to our bots within the user registration flow. Also in this case we decided to intervene on a very important and busy part of our business. The user, after filling out the sign up form and before landing on the thank you page, is redirected to an intermediate page where he is suggested to receive Goodie Web Group updates via Facebook Messenger. In this case the collection of subscribers is even more effective: all fields of the completed form are registered on Olyo, not only the data that Facebook makes available. In this way we have the possibility to send campaigns through Olyo targeting users based on the city they live in, their age, date of birth and many other features.


In conclusion, even with just one tool available you can get great results, the important thing is to understand the aspects on which your business is strong. In Goodie Web Group we used only the embed button and we got a very high number of subscribers without much effort. The secret lies in knowing your business and the strengths on which you can leverage.

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magnoliaHow We Got More Than 150,000 Subscribers to Our Bots in 4 Months

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