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Hubspot Acquires Chatbot Company Motion AI

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The use of online chatbots has skyrocketed in the 21st century.

While crude systems have existed for years, today’s programs are driven by rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and information technology in general — making automated helpdesks and support agents more common than some realize. You might have even had a conversation with a chatbot without even knowing it!

With so much potential, it’s easy to see why companies from all over the IT sector, including Hubspot, are interested in developing the technology even further.

To expand their efforts, Hubspot recently announced the acquisition of Motion AI — a software company that specializes in visual chatbots. Not only will this free up valuable resources on their end, but it also helps customers access the information they need even faster and more efficiently.

Adding New Value to the Online Landscape

Chatbots are a way to increase the overall value of a website. While some rely on live employees to answer inquiries and respond to emails, this isn’t a viable option in many cases.

Startup companies and smaller enterprises might not be able to afford a full-time helpdesk staff, while others don’t have a large enough demand for online support to warrant the additional employees. In cases like this, chatbots are essential when trying to compete with the bigger names and brands.

Hubspot’s recent acquisition underscores the usefulness of modern chatbots. Since Hubspot is already a well-known name, the move also helps to legitimize the use of chatbots in today’s online landscape. Whereas some entrepreneurs would have hesitated before implementing chatbots on their sites, the example set by Hubspot will make everyone — business owners and consumers alike — more comfortable with the idea of doing business with an AI-driven support desk.

According to Hubspot CEO Brian Halligan, our entire society is “in the midst of a massive shift” toward online communications, and customers expect on-demand services that are available around the clock.

Companies that lack the resources to maintain a full-time helpdesk roster can still add tremendous value to their web presence by implementing chatbots like the ones from Motion AI.

Treading New Ground with Next-Gen Chatbots

Not too long ago, chatbots were exclusively for the most tech-savvy brands. Even then, their application was typically limited to online support desks and automated email services. This isn’t the case today, where chatbots are common on social media and text messaging apps of all kinds.

Companies like Motion AI develop customized chatbots to meet these needs. They currently have approximately a dozen different bot templates, but most of these feature customer surveys and frequently asked questions.

Hubspot has already expressed interest in developing chatbot technology even further. They hope to improve the amount of interaction between bots and humans, while creating a more natural and accessible experience for all of their customers. Their recent acquisition of Motion AI is a step in the right direction, but there’s still a lot of work to do before they close that gap and make it impossible to differentiate between a conversation with a human and a chatbot.

Strengthening Online Communications for the Future

Hubspot’s CEO is correct — we are experiencing a massive shift toward greater IT integration than ever before.

As more consumers become familiar and comfortable with technology, and as more find themselves at virtual helpdesks across the Internet, the demand for AI-driven support teams and agents will continue to gain prevalence in every industry imaginable. Couple this with the rapid advance in technologies like artificial intelligence, and it’s easy to take an optimistic stance toward the future of chatbots and communications online.

magnoliaHubspot Acquires Chatbot Company Motion AI

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