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I Turned Snoop Dogg’s AMA (Ask me Anything) Into A Chatbot

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Botdesk recently released a FAQ chatbot for small businesses to automate their customer relationship management. I got my hands on an account and played with it for a couple of days. It works!

So I got to thinking, what are the limits to this new product? What else can I do with this chatbot? So last night while I was surfing Reddit, I came across Snoop Dogg’s AMAs (Ask Me Anything). For those who are not familiar with his AMAs, you can check them out here and here. The number of questions Snoop answered is astounding, spending nearly half a day combined answering all sorts of questions. The two AMAs combined with his other posts gave him over 600,000 karma. To give you some perspective, President Obama has only 24,000 karma.

So I thought to myself: How cool would it be to turn the Bigg Boss Dogg’s AMA responses into a chat bot? I will be able to ask him questions about his favorite food, the music he likes, and he can give me general life advice (his response can be seen below).

In my “enlightened” state of mind, I scrapped all the questions he replied to and plugged them into Botdesk (supposed to only take 5 minutes for regular FAQ pages but this is a Reddit page so it took a little while more to pull all the data but it’s all good). A little magic later, Snoop Bott was created.

So here it is, try it, ask Snoop Bott anything:


Talking to the bot makes me feel like I am talking to the legend himself. Ooo whee! Snoop Bott uses deep learning and natural language processing to understand new questions, so the more people talk to it, the smarter it becomes. If you are too shy or do not know what to ask, you can try to find out what he likes to eat, what he thinks is his greatest achievement, or just ask for a hug.

*frantically cleaning up my resume*

The bot is equipped with a hundred different responses to all sorts of questions, but its knowledge base is limited to the questions that Snoop Dogg answered during the AMA. But the experience of talking to him feels good and he dishes some dope advice for students and people who do not smoke.

For a chatbot service targeted at automating small businesses’ FAQ pages, maybe it could work for your personal website too. Visitors checking out your work can interact with you in a personable, human-like way that an “about me” page can never do. You get to keep the analytics and records of the type of questions people like to ask the bot which you can use to optimize your page, and you get a first-hand look at the growing chatbot scene. Answers can be expressed through words, pictures and gifs, turning chatbot conversations into a fun interactive experience.

Reaction after I told Snoopbott I love him and he responded with “luv u too”

P.S. Uncle Snoop if you see this, I hope you like the bot.

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magnoliaI Turned Snoop Dogg’s AMA (Ask me Anything) Into A Chatbot

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