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Increase Your Student Learning Retention Using Learning Management System

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One of the biggest challenges of learning for any student is retention of the study material. Often the student will spend hours learning a new topic, memorizing it, highlighting text, rereading material, using keyword mnemonic – all in an effort to improve retention and improve the academic outcome.

Today, many schools offer learning management system with blended learning opportunities to help students develop a better learning retention.

Blended learning can be defined as a learning method that amalgamates multiple teaching models. It entails the use of online learning tools and learning management systems that bring together traditional face-to-face learning with digital learning tools to create a unique environment that aids the student in a number of ways.

Multiple Ways Of Teaching To Appeal To All Learners

According to many experts, blended learning is a highly student-centric approach as it allows learners multiple sources of learning the same concept.

Using these different channels of instruction appeals to the different types of learning styles that have been described in previous blogs. Presenting the student information in multiple formats offers students an opportunity to learn and absorb the material in a number of varied ways. Irrespective of the learning style, it can be safely assumed that at least one mode of the instruction offered in the blended learning model will appeal to the personal preferences of the learner.

Additionally, if for some reason the student misses a class session or is unable to grasp the content in the face-to-face session, he can always find the same information in the online and offline tools offered by the online learning system. By activating more senses in the learning process, knowledge is retained longer and in a far more effective manner.

Self-Paced Learning and Critical Thinking

Blended Learning using the LMS tools also encourages self-paced learning and this increased flexibility helps increases knowledge retention.  By allowing the student to devote more time to difficult subjects and focus energies on absorbing the information, the end result is a student whose learning has gone beyond the surface level. Using online tools for learning also promotes critical thinking among the learners, forcing them to absorb the material and work on it with all their concentration.

 Instant Feedback to Understand Knowledge Retention

Another advantage of using a learning management system in a classroom is that it ensures that the teacher can use quizzes, tests, and polls to instantly understand the retention of the student’s learning. Thus the teachers can immediately understand if their teaching was effective to help the students retain knowledge and take immediate measures to rectify and reach out to the lagging students.

Today, we live in a digital world that students occupy with ease and confidence. One of the best ways to reach out to these digitally assertive students is the use of learning management systems that helps meet the learning needs of all students. Using an LMS system also empowers students to understand better and retain that knowledge for enhanced academic performance.

magnoliaIncrease Your Student Learning Retention Using Learning Management System

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