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Insane Workflows With Slack Dialogs And YellowAnt

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Make Slack your de-facto command-center

Slack’s recent release of Dialogs is a complete game-changer — it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and marks a turning point in enterprise ChatOps. Here at YellowAnt, we built a bot that lets you manage all your workplace apps through commands and buttons and create and execute powerful command and event triggered cross-application workflows. With our integration with Slack Dialogs, YellowAnt has not only become much easier to work with, but a lot more functional and sticky. You can now take actions across your apps with simple Slack Dialogs. It’s awesome — Check it out!

You can now send and reply to emails from Slack with YellowAnt

Here’s how…

Commands for GMail

Create a YellowAnt account and Integrate GMail from the YellowAnt marketplace

Your GMail account will be accessible through the command gmail

Type gmail

YellowAnt will show you a list of GMail commands

Under send, click on Run this command.

Send email dialog

This opens a dialog where you type out the message details

Click on Execute. Your mail will on its way!

Insane! Right?

Replying to emails from Slack with YellowAnt

YellowAnt GMail integration brings all your emails into Slack with some action buttons like Star, Mark as Read or Important, and Reply

Click on Reply. This opens the Gmail reply dialog

Type out the body of the reply. hit Execute

Voila! Your reply is sent!

magnoliaInsane Workflows With Slack Dialogs And YellowAnt

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