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Is AI evolved enough to build a life coach as a chatbot?

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Artificial intelligence has evolved enough to start doing narrow tasks (e.g. facial recognition, internet searches, or driving a car). Researchers have a long-term goal to create general AI according to Future of life. This general AI could outperform humans at various cognitive tasks.

The most fascinating thing to look out for is the rate at which artificial intelligence is growing. Therefore, we should look to create something great in the long term. The main goal of technology is to amplify human´s abilities and make our life easier. It is very unlikely that you can become a superhuman, who could make sounds that could, for example, reach from one continent to another. Humans have succeeded in creating technology, which allows us to do this for us.

The GoforitBot team has started taking baby steps to understand how AI could be used to create a premium life coaching service on your smart devices, available to anyone at any time. The service would allow people to find out exactly what they want in life and how it could be achieved with the resources available at the time.

A study made in the Dominican University of California shows that people who set written goals and report progress are 78% more likely to achieve their goals as opposed to the people who don’t have any written goals.

The applications go beyond just achieving your goals. Life coaches also can help via sessions to help people find inner happiness, their life purpose or even allow them to overcome various inner challenges. The latter is usually done by asking quality questions to get to the core of the problem or to find out what the person wants. The problem with these services is the price — usually ranging from 200 to 500 dollars per hour.

Global poll shows that 53% of total population is happy. What about the other 47% of the population? This indicates that a lot can be done. It is very likely, that the people who are unhappy cannot access life coaching services due to the cost or their remote location.

Is it enough to build a human-like life coach on your Facebook messenger?

We all love human interaction, but technology amplifies our abilities. Today we can use chatbot technology to provide human-like conversations. The conversations are powered by AI (artificial intelligence.) Of course we should start with simple static sessions and become more advanced over time by using machine learning and more complex features. The features provided by AI plus the data and patterns we can see from users allow us to create a personalised solution for the clients. As our tests have shown, people are willing to use the bot as it feels quite human-like, because the interface is the one which we use to communicate with people.

There is an interesting example which shows us that people are ready to have conversations with AI. For example, Replika has gained an interesting traction with people. In short, Replika is a AI friend which you can teach and grow with conversations. It is your best friend, on your mobile device.

This is just the beginning of a new era in AI and life. We can start with simple features and use more complex features in future. The most important thing, as usual, is to start now. We do not know where this leads us. The best part — we do not have to know. We believe in a commitment and greater purpose so if it becomes valuable for people, then it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

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magnoliaIs AI evolved enough to build a life coach as a chatbot?

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