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Let’s bust the top 5 myths behind chatbots

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There is a major evolution happening in the field of chatbots. The historically maligned “weak AI” is on the verge of becoming a beautiful swan from an ugly duckling. According to a recent prediction by an independent report, chatbots will be big, like very big! This may herald the end of mobile apps and search as we know it.

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Over the past few years, some real buzz has been created by this technology. However, the buzz is always encompassed by some myths and chit-chats. So, what are these myths and what are the facts that can be used to debunk them? Let’s have a look at the 5 most common misconceptions regarding chatbots and the truth behind them.

Myth 1: Chatbots are useless v. chatbots can do everything.

The first and the most common myths that revolve around chatbots is a word-battle between followers and haters. It is a debate between, chatbots being dumb and useless versus they are capable of doing anything and everything! A chatbot can engage end-users in automated conversation on a large scale, across all platforms. They reside in a messaging system and connected home hubs. They are connected to almost everything like mobile apps, games and obviously — the good old web.

However, the debate may lead to nowhere and end-up with a big question mark. A chatbot is based on technology that recognizes patterns of your previous actions on the platform it has been deployed on. Later, this pattern is remembered in the history of the platform and is used next time when you use the same app. This implies that a chatbot is neither dumb/useless nor can it do anything. It is just a technology that is deployed over an app and works on the basis of your previous reactions.

Myth 2: Chatbots are the new apps.

A recent Softweb Solutions’ article describes how a chatbot can help a business owner to get more from his business. Referring to such ideas, people assume that chatbots are the new apps and will replace the existing apps from their devices. Now this is where they are a bit wrong!

You see, a chatbot is a customized interface program that can understand the context in human language and is been deployed over the existing user apps. This makes the app as the working platform for chatbots. So, look at this way, how would a technology work if it doesn’t have a platform to work on, and how will it survive? Hence, a chatbot would never replace any app present on the app store as of now.

Myth 3: Building a chatbot is easy.

It is said that a chatbot can make your business quite easy to operate and derive more profit out of it. Well, that’s true. However, what’s not true is developing a chatbot for a business is a child’s play for a developer.

Developing a chatbot needs tons of work and even more data to make it possible to be as efficient as it is being projected everywhere. Developers must hand craft the rules on which the chatbot shall function and recognize the pattern to deliver satisfying answers to user queries. Of course there is no magic button that gives chatbot its capabilities and functionalities. It’s pure and hardcore coding and development.

Myth 4: Chatbots will take all of our jobs.

Equipped with natural language processing or NLP, chatbots can understand the conversation we have with machines. This allows the chatbot to understand the decision making pattern of the user, which, in turn, gives precise and satisfying results. This approach is making people go crazy in both directions. Some are thanking the developers who develop such technologies and on the other hand, some are concerned about their jobs.

Well, to those who are rejoicing this tech should carry on, while people who think that their jobs are in jeopardy must relax. No chatbot is ever going to snatch your job from you. This technology is trained to assist you in providing better solutions to customers. Nevertheless, human eyes are always required to monitor the working of these chatbots.

Myth 5: Chatbots lacks a personalized or human touch.

There’s a thought that is trending that chatbots lack in providing that personalized service a customer wishes. Being software, it cannot give that human touch to its service providing capabilities.

However, this is a not-so-common misconception that still needs to be debunked. Well, the chatbot is trained in such a way that it understands the gestures and emotions of the user. The developers try to make their chatbot as human as it can be.

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I hope that these 5 points can help you to get rid of the misconceptions surrounding chatbots.

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