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How to engage the largest chatbot community in the world.

Chatbots Magazine, founded in April 2016, is the fastest growing bots and conversational AI publication in the world. With over 275,000 monthly pageviews, our audience of botmakers, investors, developers and journalists is active, engaged and eager to talk and learn about bots.

We want to enable everyone passionate about bots to have a voice via Chatbots Magazine. This is a platform for all of us.

Partnering with Chatbots Magazine gives your event a global advantage by putting you in front of the largest chatbots community in the world.

Our community is curious, driven, and diverse. Our readership is engaged, proactive, and on the edge of new tech.

We embrace many different platforms to reach a global audience, and we foster community amongst like-minded enthusiasts in the AI, NLP, machine learning, chatbot, and conversational agent spaces.

Chatbots Magazine Fast Facts


  • Over 275,000 views per month
  • 115,000 unique visitors per month
  • 45.8% female, 54.2% male
  • Ages 18–24, 27.5%
  • Ages 25–34, 33.5%
  • Ages 35–44, 15.5%

Reaching Around The World

  • 60.1% are new visitors
  • 39.9% returning visitors
  • 60% US Readership
  • 40% International Readership

The Community

  • 1000+ articles on chatbots, AI, machine learning, bot design, NLP, bot building tutorials and more.
  • 850+ members in our writer community

To get in touch with Chatbots Magazine regarding a partnership, please contact [email protected]

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Source: Chatbots Magazine

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