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Technology is Shaking Up the Food Industry

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Forward-thinking restaurants understand the impact of innovation and technology on the food industry

Say2eat’s food ordering technology in action.

Technology has always been the driving force for innovation among all industries. Specifically, within the past few years, technological innovations have been shaking up the food-business sector. Forward-thinking restaurants and companies are already aware of the immense impact technology has made on the food industry. Technology has already made extreme differences for both restaurateurs and consumers.

The food industry is a significant market to be focusing on. The customer food service industry is forecasted to reach $3 trillion by 2021. That is a large market available for forward-thinking restaurants and businesses to have success.

According to Toast’s Restaurant Technology in 2017 Industry Report, 95% of restaurateurs agree that technology improves business efficiency. Most restaurants now realize the importance of incorporating technological advances to leverage their position against their competitors, but don’t know the best ways to utilize technological innovations to their advantage.

Stephen Dutton, a consumer foodservice analyst at Euromonitor International, explains how technology is changing restaurants’ concept of service for their customers, stating “technology is replacing the service elements that defined more traditional restaurants. Many new restaurant concepts feel they must leverage technology to remain relevant to younger consumers who have grown up in a more tech-enabled environment.”

Forward-thinking restaurants know the importance of investing in new innovations and technologies to get themselves ahead of their competitors. Technology like applications, online-ordering, and chatbots have eased and simplified the ordering system for customers. Some of these new innovations, like Say2eat’s technology, is easily integrated into restaurant’s already existing POS systems to make the ordering and processing system easier.

Chatbots and artificial intelligence are the newest technological innovations shaking up the food industry. It’s important for forward-thinking restaurants to invest now in these technologies to leverage themselves against competitors.

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magnoliaTechnology is Shaking Up the Food Industry

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