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The Digital Chasis

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Conceptualizing bot development for sports marketing.

Sports Marketing: An ideal pitch for Bots abilities

As explained in previous articles at Planeta Chatbot magazine, the concept of “Digital Chasis” in corporative bot development should be always considered in the planning phase prior any chatbot implementation in either public or private institution.

Understanding it as the digital communication structure (Web + Social networks), “Digital Chasis” limits and affects the ability of any institution, public or private, on developing a well integrated chatbot system in its digital communication strategy.

Adapting digital communication structure for Bots. (Spanish)

Bot development limitations are not only established by the digital communication structure, but also by the economic activity and the sector in which the bot will be designed for.

Therefore, a chatbot for the automobile industry, or a hotel business will require a different approach and requirements regarding the type of their clients and their business sectors.

In this respect, a chatbot development for sports marketing will require special attention on some aspects such as website traffic, optimisation for mobile platforms and presence in social networks.

The Premier League experience

Since 2016, Premier’s clubs like Manchester United have been working on developing their own chatbots. The objective is to facilitate the global connection of the Reds’ fans and also a new communication channel with multiple facets to improve globally the club’s communication capacity.

Now, ManU fans are capable to access to the latest Reds’ news, info on team, calendar of competitions as well as to a chat for connecting with other Club’s fans around the world right from their smartphones and tablets.

Furthermore, the club is planning to invest in this technology by adding new services from payment information, season tickets and hospitality, events, shopping or gaming.

La Liga

In the last ten years, European clubs have seen an increase in their global audience. La Liga teams, have also followed this trend.

Online marketing has become in an important factor in the global communication strategy for the most important football clubs of La Liga.

The present simulation reflects the importance of the development of a well-developed and balanced digital communication structure. The case study image shows the digital communication structure of Atlético de Madrid Club de Fútbol and the conceptual model to establish a digital communication strategy compatible for a future Club’s bot development.

The scheme was made with Real Time Board.

Basic scheme to explain the importance of a digital communication strategy.

Aspects such as analysis of website traffic, android and iOS web optimization as well as presence in social networks will be vital by the time a bot development will be considered.


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