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The Top 10 Articles on Creating Content For Your Bot

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From the best practices to the nuances, read this list to master bot content creation fast.

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How are top bot creators writing their dialogue? What are the best practices? What are the nuances?

These are our best articles to study up with, plus a bonus section that shares step-by-step how to create conversational video content for your bot.

The UX Behind It All

“One of the more interesting aspects of content writing for chatbots is the need to move beyond writing for persuasion. Marketing and communications is traditionally about conveying a brand voice and ideally soft-selling a product or service. While chatbots can hold this function, content writing for conversational UI should be more akin to UX writing.”

By Nancy B. Duan

Content Writing for Your Bot

“The people who design popular bots will tell you: It’s not that you’re doing something wrong, it’s that you need to actively do the right things, starting with how your bot talks to its fans. Here are the three action steps many, many bot makers could take, from people who build some of the most popular bots on the Internet.”

By Paul Boutin

How to Write For a Bot

“Writing dialogues for Conversational UI is a new field. It requires the skills of a ux-designer, ux-copywriter and a creative writer. It requires someone that might call himself a Conversational UX-Copywriter — or superman.”

By Hans van Dam

4 steps to writing engaging chatbot dialogue 💥

“We can think of a chatbot conversation as having three parts: an intent, an utterance that the human user inputs to articulate their needs, and the chatbot prompts that the chatbot responds with.”

By Ultan O’Broin

Writing Skills: At the ❤️ of Chatbot UX Design

“Scripting is 80% thinking and 20% execution.”

By Abhishek Munian

Bot Scripting — The Journey from How? to Wow!

"In most teams, it’s pretty clear who’s responsible for what. There are product managers, designers and developers. Yet when you build a team around Conversational UI, the roles aren’t that well defined. The Conversational UX-Copywriter still has to capture his place.”

By Hans van Dam

Introducing the Conversational UX-Copywriter 👨‍🏫

“Your challenge is to take something complex and boil it down to a few impactful words. To make those words so powerful so that their message sticks like glue.”

By Stefan Kojouharov

Chatbot Copywriting Magic: Best way to Write Copy

Lead With The Story

“The challenge of creating a great chat bot experience remains a storyteller’s domain. There will always be a market for writers who can jump from genre to genre. The next great written genre is interactive. It looks and feels like a conversation.”

By Dom Sagolla

The Future of AI is In the Hands of Storytellers

“Novelists, playwrights and screenwriters are king 👑 at writing dialogues. In fact, they’re the only ones that ever had to string a few words together naturally. They understand how to use dialogue to unfold a story and guide a hero on his journey. They use dialogue to show instead of tell.”

By Hans van Dam

How to write winning dialogue for Conversational UI 💥

Create Winning Video Content For Bots

“So how do you approach video content production for Chatbots? To learn that you need to start digging into methods used by creative agencies and video production companies.”

By Marko Bosiljkov

Creating Conversational Video Content

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