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Traveling with Sabre

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Let’s try the brand new chatbot for business travelers.

During this holiday period, many of us travelers will need to call our travel agency to book a flight, change the flight ticket, request information and assistance. Often, these problem are simple to solve, but they still need an intervention by an operator.

In the age of Artificial Intelligence, this kind of requests can be quickly taken over by a chatbot, an artificial operator who understands and handles our questions directly in chat. (Looking for more info? Read here!)

That’s what Sabre Corporation chatbot does: this white-label product is currently being tested by two US agencies, Travel Solutions Internationals and Casto Travel in San Francisco. The bot is a pocket travel assistant that can handle the most popular requests among business travelers, such as ticket change.

Mark McSpadder is the Vice President of Saber Products and New Technologies, and is excited about the abilites of AI and bot: “What travelers want is to have intuitive and quick solutions in case of last minute changes or unexpected disruptions.”
Pros do not only involve customers, but also agencies themselves: “By automating the most common customers requests management, travel agencies staff will have more time to offer customized solutions to more complex requests. What the bot cannot answer will be passed to the human operator.”

Even Lili Cheng, Corporate Vice President for AI and Microsoft Research, has only enthusiastic words for chabots and AI: “Intelligent technologies such as bots increase the quality and quantity of interactions between companies and customers. Sabre’s chatbot is IA-powered, an opportunity for business expansion in order to increase customer satisfaction.”

Sabre is not new to the chatbot world: a bots for searching, booking and communicating with hotels is being developing. It’ll be avaible on the most common messaging platforms (ex. Facebook Messenger) and the most well-known voice servers (such as Amazon’s Alexa , or Microsoft Cortana.)

Will one day travelling be more comfortable with Artificial Intelligence? Will chatbots solve some of the problems we can run into during business trips or holiday journeys? We’ll continue to try and develop new smart tools for the customer service and the travel area.

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Source: Chatbots Magazine

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