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Why Your Chatbot’s Greeting is its Most Important Response

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Crafting the perfect chatbot greeting

Remember: flatter the customer (but maybe not this much).

First impressions matter 👔

The first message your chatbot sends to the user is more important than you probably realize. Like our daily interactions with other humans, we’re bound to develop strong initial impressions when interacting with a chatbot for the first time.

For example, if we notice grammatical errors, we may not view the chatbot as a credible source of knowledge and question its capabilities. Your chatbot’s greeting provides an opportunity to create a strong first impression that will hopefully yield more recurring users.

Who would actually use this chatbot? Probably no one.

Reveal your chatbot’s personality 🤖

The initial greeting your chatbot responds with is the perfect time to set a tone for its personality. If you plan to have a chatbot with a humorous tone of voice, then plant a well-thought-out joke in this initial message.

Just make sure you’re consistent with your chatbot’s personality. If you start out cracking jokes, then make sure to keep that humor consistent as users continue to interact with the chatbot. No one wants to talk with a chatbot that has a split personality.

If you have time, learn more about creating the perfect chatbot personality in one of my previous posts.

Don’t go from this to the Grinch in the same chatbot conversation.

Set clear expectations 🤔

Your chatbot’s greeting is the ideal place to set expectations on what it can and cannot do. Without these expectations, you’re essentially handing the user a blank check and the right to ask anything while anticipating a correct answer. If this happens to be the case, you’d better hope your chatbot’s AI and ML capabilities can rival those of IBM’s Watson because you’re going to need it.

If your chatbot can only book flights from Paris to London then make that explicitly known in your chatbot’s initial response, otherwise, don’t be upset when a user tries to book a flight from LA to NYC.

End with a call to action 🏃

Finish off your chatbot’s greeting by guiding the user towards at least one potential action. If your chatbot has response buttons, then encourage them to make a selection.

If you want the user to try to book a hotel in San Francisco, then tell them to do so. Consider this the final nudge that gets the user off the ledge and in a head-first dive into a conversation with your chatbot.

A perfect example of a well-crafted chatbot welcome message!

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magnoliaWhy Your Chatbot’s Greeting is its Most Important Response

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